Understanding of the breadth and strength of clinical evidence supporting a healthcare technology is central to a submission to the PBAC or MSAC. Because reimbursement decision-makers assess the value of a new health care technology compared to existing practice it is critical that a systematic search of the clinical literature is performed to identify the totality of the evidence applicable to reimbursement authorities.


HTAccess Consulting can perform systematic clinical literature reviews fully compliant with the requirements established by the PBAC and MSAC. The goal of the systematic literature reviews is to identify the totality of the evidence applicable to PBAC and MSAC decision making, including evidence for competitor or comparative technologies.


Drawing upon the result of the systematic literature review, and also considering the competitive landscape, HTAccess Consulting can assist your organisation in the development of the optimal reimbursement strategy for its healthcare technology. HTAccess Consulting can also provide support services throughout pre-submission interactions with reimbursement agencies.


Clinical Literature Reviews and Strategic Reimbursement Advice