Health Economics for PBAC and MSAC Submissions

HTAccess Consulting can provide your organisation with technical expertise and support regarding the economic evaluation of healthcare technology using methodologies compliant with the requirements established by the PBAC and MSAC.

Complementing its expertise in the health economic evaluation, HTAccess Consulting has extensive experience in preparing budget impact assessments meeting the specifications of the PBAC and MSAC.

Clinical Literature Reviews and Strategic Advice

HTAccess Consulting has the capacity to perform systematic clinical literature reviews meeting the requirements established by the PBAC and MSAC.


Building upon the results of the clinical literature review, HTAccess Consulting can provide your organisation with advice on the optimal reimbursement strategy for your health care technology and support you through the pre-submission interactions with government agencies.

PBAC and MSAC Submission Preparation

HTAccess Consulting is able to provide end-to-end support to your organisations interaction with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) or Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC). This includes the preparation of dossiers for co-dependent technologies assessed by PBAC and MSAC.


Whether seeking reimbursement for a pharmaceutical product; medical device or service; or a co-dependent technology, HTAccess Consulting provides the support you need to achieve timely patient access to your organisations health care technology.

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