MSAC Guidelines

MSAC Guidelines Consultation Submission

In 2020 the Department of Health commissioned a review of the technical guidelines informing the preparation of Health Technology Assessment reports for consideration by MSAC. A draft version of revised MSAC Guidelines were published as part of a consultation process conducted August through October 2020.

HTAccess Consulting contributed to the preparation of a submission providing feedback on the draft revised MSAC Guidelines as part of a consortium of consulting organisations. The objective of lodging a joint consultation submission was to provide insights and practical suggestions from a group of users with extensive experience in the preparation of Health Technology Assessment reports for MSAC.

It is hoped that the suggestions offered in the consultation submission will be considered by the Guidelines Review Steering Committee and Technical Reference Group as part of the finalisation of the next version of the MSAC Guidelines.


A copy of the consultation submission representing the insights from a consortium of consulting organisations which included HTAccess Consulting is available by clicking on the icon below.

MSAC Guidelines Review Consultation Response

MSAC Guidelines Consultation Submission