HTAccess Consulting has a breadth of experienced regarding the unique processes and requirements associated reimbursement submissions to the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC). This experience includes:


  • Completion of MSAC Application Forms and development of PICO Confirmation documents

  • Preparing MSAC submissions on behalf of sponsors seeking MBS-listing of a medical technology or procedure through the Submission Based Assessment pathway

  • The development of co-dependent technology reimbursement submissions.


Reflecting its strength in this area, HTAccess Consulting has previously been appointed to provide the Department of Health with research support services assisting MSAC and PASC through the assessment of new medical technologies and procedures.

If your organisation is seeking for a medical technology or procedure to be listed on the MBS, HTAccess Consulting can provide authoritative technical and strategic support at all stages of the MSAC assessment process.


MSAC Submission Preparation