The conduct of a robust health economic evaluation is critical to the success of a PBAC or MSAC submission. HTAccess Consulting can draw on insights gained from the conduct of numerous economic evaluations assessed by the PBAC and MSAC and work with your organisation to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of your product or medical service.


HTAccess Consulting has experience in developing bespoke economic models using the Microsoft Excel and TreeAge software packages. In cases where your organisation has developed a global economic model, HTAccess Consulting can adapt this to align with the specific requirements set out by the PBAC and MSAC.


Regardless of whether your healthcare technology requires a cost-effectiveness, cost-utility or cost-minimisation analysis to be undertaken, HTAccess Consulting can work with your organisation to develop an economic model to include as part of your PBAC submission or MSAC submission.


It is also crucial that the budgetary impact of supporting a health care technology is thoroughly assessed and transparently presented to reimbursement authorities. HTAccess Consulting has expertise in preparing budget impact assessments specific to the requirements of the PBAC and MSAC.


HTAccess Consulting has the expertise to provide your organisation with technical support regarding the economic evaluation of healthcare technologies using methodologies that comply with the requirements set out by the PBAC and MSAC.


Health Economics for PBAC and MSAC Submissions